Amazing Reviews from Green Valley Spa, St. George, Utah

If you are sitting on the fence regarding the religious faith you were raised with, or not buying all the “new age” fluff, this is a MUST READ! Attila shares with you his spiritual journey which is nothing short of amazing. The way he blends science, common sense and history let you the reader decide what is true for you. The timeless quotes he uses allow you to see “universal truth” if you check your dogma baggage at the door. Being a father of three I wish they were exposed to this in grade school. Kids today will love this book as it gets right to each point and moves on. No filling pages or space here. Being a voracious reader in my chosen field this is hands down my number one! Thanks Attila for sharing your gift to the world!
Mike Rice
General Manager / Director of Spiritual Programs
Green Valley Spa St. George Utah

Devine Enlightenment written for normal folk to understand undeniable truth. You could feel the sweet spirit. I connected with this book on many levels. Even Einstein got the Great Aha! I love it
Annalee Allred
Manager Treatment Center
Green Valley Spa St. George Utah

A sweet spiritual journey, combined with intellectual historic research of universal principals. Simple elegance. A must read.
Victoria Calegory
Spiritual teacher / GVS Head Designer
Green Valley Spa St. George Utah

Another 5 Star Review

Well worth it!
By Reading Poet

I found this book to be wonderful. You will follow a man’s journey and take note of his thoughts, experiences, passions and just plain out honesty as he travels a path that is not only an important one, but an essential one in one’s growth of spirit and potential. Attila speaks directly out of his own experience onto the pages of this book. I belive many will find the missing links in their pursuits. This is a worthwile book. Recommended. Adds LOOKS INSIDE Feature to The Logical Meaning of God just added the “Look Inside” Feature to their listing of The Logical Meaning of God.

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 combines life experiences with philosophies, theologies, and science from thousands of years ago to present day to formulate the meaning of life and an unbiased Logical Meaning of God. The definition of God presented in this book is a reaffirmation to some, but a redefinition and a logical new understanding for others. BONUS: Includes THE OVER-SOUL Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson.