Attila J. Juhasz is a third-generation author in the Juhasz family literary legacy.  Both his father and grandfather were successful writers in Hungary. Born and raised in New York, Attila earned his Bachelors of Art degree in English Literature in the mid 1980s.

In the 1990s, he wrote for, edited and published his own music magazine, NEW YORK ONSLAUGHT. He later wrote for entertainment magazines including a regular column in SCI FI TEEN magazine.

In the corporate world, he wrote copy for Radio, Print and Television advertising.  He also wrote a comedy script for a short film for a corporate fund-raising event sponsored by DuPont and The United Way. Attila was honored with a special award from both organizations for his short film.

THE LOGICAL MEANING OF GOD is Attila’s first non-fiction book on the subjects of spirituality, philosophy and science.

Attila formed Attila’s Creative Works LLC in Phoenix, AZ in 2005.  ACW owns and operates  a network of web sites, offers a variety of creative services and publishes and distributes books, apps and games.  Visit AttilasCreative.com for more information.


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