Universal Miracle Workings and How I Got to Hold Anne Bancroft’s Oscar


Back in the late 1990s and early 2000’s I used to take my family to our local church in Yonkers, NY for mass every Sunday. An elderly couple used to sit in front of us all the time. When they arrived, I jokingly would whisper to my wife, “It’s Little Old Man” and then change the tone of my voice “that’s Lilloman, Lilloman,” lines I frequently quoted from Mel Brooks’ classic comedy ‘High Anxiety.’ I did this routine for months.

After a while, we would see the couple after mass and exchange pleasantries but never formerly introduced ourselves. Sadly, as time went by, ‘Little Old Man’ passed away.

After one particular mass, we saw the woman walking home alone on a hot New York Summer Sunday afternoon. We offered her a ride home and finally introduced ourselves. Her name was Mrs. Italiano. She accepted the ride home and this became a routine. Several weeks later, Mrs. Italiano invited us into her home. We accepted.

MV5BNTY2Nzk4Nzg2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTIyOTE2._V1_SY737_SX592_AL_She brought us into her living room where she had a display case with various awards. “This is where I keep some awards my daughter received,” she said with pride. I spotted a gold plated statue award and asked, “Is that an Oscar?” “Oh yes, my daughter is Anne Bancroft. She won that for her role in ‘The Miracle Worker.’”

I was flabbergasted. I had no idea that Mrs. Italiano was Anne Bancroft’s mother, which meant, all that time, I was regularly and unknowingly calling Mel Brooks’ father-in-law “Little Old Man,” a movie line written and said by Mel Brooks himself.

Amry Oscar“Would you like to hold the Oscar,” asked Mrs. Italiano. She handed it to me, and it felt wonderful to hold a historic, iconic, cinematic award, especially one that was won for a brilliant acting performance.

Fate and coincidences are indeed the miracle workings of the Universe. And yes, the Oscar was heavy.

Attila Juhasz

My Logical Understanding or Meaning of God

“My logical understanding or meaning of God is my acceptance that there is an unexplainable intelligence, universal source or cosmic origin that all the wonders of existence are linked to. The word ‘God’ is just a label and the concept of this mysterious galactic unification should never be restricted to a definitive man-made conclusion of its identity.”

~Attila Juhasz
author of The Logical Meaning of God

Is there something that religion didn’t teach me?

A question came my way from someone who has lost faith in a God that was defined through her specific religion. On the verge of giving up on the notion of God, she posed the question, “is there something that religion didn’t teach me?” 

My response was as follows:

In order to find “God” or attain a better understanding of “what” and not “who” God is requires an open mind, much research and a willingness to look beyond the teachings of just one religion. You are responsible for experiencing your personal, honest revelations.

I recommend reading some classics that you can find on the web for free in public domain. For example start out with Thomas Paine’s “The Age of Reason” and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The Over Soul.” Revisit the works of ancient Greek philosophers and the teachings of The Buddha. Try to view and interpret the teachings of Jesus as an enlightened man. Look for components of love and individuality. To see how myths, beliefs and/or religions have been shaped read the brilliant works of Joseph Campbell. If you can, watch the 2-disc DVD series “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth,” a PBS series where journalist Bill Moyers interviewed the legendary teacher and masterful storyteller. For modern and historical teachings on spirituality read Deepak Chopra.

Enlightenment can only come from within. Take what ever lessons you want from others but form your own understanding, your own interpretations, your own one-to-one relationship with God.

I started this same journey years ago. Every time I successfully reached the end of a road of questions, new and exciting avenues appear that I can explore. I share my experiences and findings in my book, The Logical Meaning of God.

I would like to share with you a review by Mike Rice, Director of Spiritual Programs at the Green Valley Spa in Utah:
“If you are sitting on the fence regarding the religious faith you were raised with, or not buying all the “new age” fluff, this is a MUST READ! Attila shares with you his spiritual journey which is nothing short of amazing. The way he blends science, common sense and history let you the reader decide what is true for you. The timeless quotes he uses allow you to see “universal truth” if you check your dogma baggage at the door. Being a father of three I wish they were exposed to this in grade school. Kids today will love this book as it gets right to each point and moves on. No filling pages or space here. Being a voracious reader in my chosen field this is hands down my number one! Thanks Attila for sharing your gift to the world!”

5 Star Review from Japan for “The Logical Meaning of God”

by カスタマー

“I needed to know if there was a God.”
Mr.Attila J. Juhasz found a God. Where? Above the sky?….Nope.
He found the logical meaning of God, what God is, through researches of wisdoms given by the wise men from the past, such as Leucippus of Greece from 5th BC, Jesus, Buddha, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Newton and Edison and more.
He encourages readers to research these wise men and reach their own interpretation of who/what God is.
People all over the world in different backgrounds of race, religion and class can be benefited from reading this book which is short but dense in content. After reading this, readers will find hope and realize the importance of living each day the fullest.