Chopra: 7 Powerful Practices to Manifest Your Intentions


Each of us is an inextricable part of the infinite field of intelligence or consciousness that gives rise to everything in the universe. Since we are part of this underlying field of consciousness, we are also infinitely creative – in fact, we can’t not be creative. We are constantly co-creating our reality using the raw materials of consciousness, including intention, attention, intuition, thoughts, inspiration, and imagination.

The following principles will help you become aware of how you create your reality and will empower you to transform or let go of whatever is no longer serving you. Choose one principle to focus on and practice each day.

1. My true self is pure, unbounded consciousness.

2. The events in my life reflect who I am.

3. The people in my life reflect aspects of myself.

4. Whatever I pay attention to will grow.

5. Nothing is random – my life is full of signs and symbols.

6. The universe always gives me the best possible results.

7. My inner awareness is always evolving.

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